Amigone funeral homes

Yes you are!

The Amigone family operates several funeral homes in and around Buffalo, New York.
Photo courtesy of Carmen S. Garrison.

Hell freezes over

(Pick your team & event they'll win when hell freezes over.)
Hell, Michigan.

Babies and children - Buy 2, get 3 free!

Is this a good deal?
Roanoke, Virginia. The Babies & Children store's motto is, " Dressing babies and children from head to toe from newborn to preteen ."

Hussey's General Store

Everything you need for your "shotgun" wedding!
Located in Windsor, Maine. Hussey's slogan is,"If we don't have it, you don't need it."
Thanks to Jess, a proud resident of Windsor.

One Way in the wrong direction

How do you get there from here?
Peekskill, New York. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Requa .

Balls removed

A little extreme!

State prison, lodging next right

I think I'll keep driving!

The most powerful position is on your knees.

If you say so!
In Independence, Missouri.


Sometimes a name change is the best idea...

Drop your pants and you will receive prompt attention.

Take me to the cleaners, baby!
There are five Balfurd Cleaners locations in Pennsylvania.

Caution: Crocodile eats the handicapped at the bottom of hill.

At a St. Lucia, South Africa crocodile farm.

College vs. Weed

Major dilemma in California.
Your choices are College of the Siskiyous or "downtown" Weed.

Drive-thru parking

??? McLogic gone wrong...

Guns, Postal

Going Postal?
In Phoenix, Arizona.

Satan's Kingdom

Leave your soul at the front gate, please.
Near New Hartford, Connecticut.

Honda only

What part of ONLY don't they understand?
In Kansas City, Missouri. Photo courtesy of Bud Turner.

Pork the one you love.

Pork, the one you love?
This was a Sask Pork (The Saskatchewan Pork Industry) ad campaign in Canada.

Let the church help kill you

Enough said...

We is edumacated

We is educated...